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Late February 2015, my 39-years old Moto Guzzi and me left Valparaiso, Chile, for a 6-months motor journey all the way up to New York City, to document social businesses along the way. After crossing 6 countries in 168 days, me and my loyal Guzzi arrived at Times Square #maxmundo #s2m...

Acorn Sign Graphics (ASG) is on the forefront of the design and production of green friendly architectural signs and graphics. It designs and fabricates custom architectural signage for clients worldwide out of their headquarters in Richmond, the capital of Virginia #maxmundo #s2m...

Ainsley's Pharmacy is the first retail pharmacy in the world open to the public to be certified as a Bcorp. It was established in 2012 after founder Ainsley had left a large pharmacy chain to do things differently #maxmundo #s2m...

Dansko - literally translated as “Danish Shoe” - is an employee-owned footwear company, located in the small town of West Grove in the hills of Pennsylvania #maxmundo #s2m...

Moog Music was founded in the 50s in upstate New York by the late Bob Moog ("Moowg"). Moog Music manufactures, assembles, and tunes top-notch keyboards and synthesisers. #maxmundo #s2m...

Coop Coffees’ story began in 1997, when its founder Bill decided to start up a coffee company that would import and roast fairly traded coffee beans from Central America: Cafe Campesino #maxmundo #s2m...

Cafe Campesino was established after a trip of its founder Bill to Guatemala, in the late 90s. In Guatemala, when talking to local coffee farmers, Bill learned that despite of giving their best, these farmers were making low turnover and profits. #maxmundo #s2m...

Dutch couple Karin and Erik are the founders of artisan rum distillery Richland Rum, in the small Georgian town of Richland, about 3 hours south of Atlanta #maxmundo #s2m...

Amavida Organic Coffee and Tea was founded in 2004 by Dan and his wife Sally, in the small beach town of Santa Rosa, on the beautiful Emerald Coast in northern Florida. Amavida has 3 local coffee bars on the Emerald Coast, and 1 coffee roaster #maxmundo #s2m...

The coastal community Seaside, at the Emerald Coast in Florida's Panhandle, was founded in the early 80s by Robert Davis as a place so easy to get around, sneakers would be a primary mode of transportation and no destination more than a five minute stroll away #maxmundo #s2m...

Crepes y Waffles is Colombia's largest restaurant chain, founded 35 years ago in a back yard garage. Nowadays, it has over 4,000 employees. It is still a family-owned business. Crepes' mission is to make haute cuisine available for everybody. #maxmundo #s2m...

Maria Panela was founded 6 years ago by Fernando. Its mission is to turn the traditional local panela into something sexy, adventurous, and elegant, by vending energy drinks based on panela. #maxmundo #s2m...

Colombian restaurant chain WOK was founded in 1998 by chef Benjamin, after having spent 3 years with a local family on the Thai island of Koh Tao. In addition to introducing Asian food to Colombians, WOK's mission is to use responsible products as much as possible #maxmundo #s2m...