888 Ladies and the Best New Featured Bingo Games This Month

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888 Ladies has many exhilarating bingo games for every type of online bingo player. No matter what type of online bingo game you love to play, it is guaranteed that you will find it at 888 Ladies Bingo. Aside from that, 888 Ladies Bingo still has a lot of things to offer the players, especially all the young mums out there to whom the site is dedicating all its efforts. When you become a member of this online bingo site, you will get lots of bonuses and rewards that will satisfy your inner cravings. Read on to find out which bingo games you can enjoy at 888 Ladies this month.

Online Bingo Games Featured at 888 Ladies Bingo

888 Ladies Bingo takes pride in all the features of the site. One example is the site’s pride that consists mainly of their game gallery. Most online bingo sites today only offer a lot of side games while offering only one or two main bingo games, but 888 Ladies Bingo is quite different. The site believes that it is best to focus on the main game, which is bingo, although there are side games you can enjoy. That is why this site is known as the haven for all hardcore bingo fanatics. Here are some of the most played and well-loved bingo games that you can find at 888 Ladies Bingo:-

    • 90 Ball Bingo

This is the most popular game on the site, considering that 888 Ladies Bingo mainly serves players coming from the UK. 90 Ball Bingo is an easy game to play. Any time you log in to your 888 Ladies account, you can find this game waiting for you. This game is offered 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about missing any schedule at all. Usually, this game offers a corresponding progressive jackpot, the amount dependent on the cost per ticket and the number of players currently playing the game. If more players participate in the game, the jackpot prize will be bigger. However, there are also times that the site determines fixed jackpot prize for this game. You can keep track of the current jackpot prize by visiting the site regularly.

  • 75 Ball Bingo

Although 888 Ladies mostly entertains UK players, the site offers 75 Ball Bingo which is an American version of its 90 Ball Bingo. There are so many players who are curious about the game and even prefer playing it to the 90 Ball Bingo. When playing this game, you can enable the auto-daub feature which makes it easier for you. You can just watch the game unfold right before your eyes without doing anything. If in case your Internet connection is slow and you are often disconnected from the game, you do not need to worry because the auto-daub feature will continue to do its task and you will be notified on the results of the game once you are successfully reconnected.

These are two of the most played bingo games at 888 Ladies. The two games are considered classics, by the way. Try out your luck at 888 Ladies and check out the aforementioned games.