A List of the Featured Games at Hollywood Bingo This Week

Hollywood bingo
Hollywood Bingo is one of the most classy online bingo sites this year. The site has been operating since April 2010 and it has already made a clear mark in the online gaming community. The players of this online bingo site are very loyal that even with the surfacing of new online bingo sites, they still choose to play at Hollywood. The reason for this is probably due to the site’s continued efforts in making their services, games, promotions and bonuses better than ever. Hollywood Bingo is truly a magnificent online bingo site to be in.

Featured Games at Hollywood Bingo

More than 5 years of existence will definitely make an online bingo site more appealing to the online community, just like what happened to Hollywood Bingo. Since this online bingo site has already survived more than 5 years in the online bingo industry, you are somewhat guaranteed of the site’s capacity to pay you and offer you generous bonuses. Aside from that, there are also lots of games waiting for you at the site which you will be happy about. Try out the following games offered at Hollywood Bingo and chase away the boredom:

75 Ball Bingo

This is a classic bingo game offered at the site. You can play this fantastic game any time of the day in several bingo game rooms. Each game room has a different theme which will suit your mood. Each bingo room also offers different jackpot sizes and cost per ticket. This game has a special bonus pattern, in the form of a star, wherein if you complete it, you will win the progressive jackpot attached to the game. When someone wins the progressive jackpot, it will automatically be reset to the minimum fixed prize of £200.

Chat Games

These are miscellaneous games offered at the site for the benefit of all the bored online bingo players. Chat Games are headed by Chat Masters. They are assigned by the online bingo site operator. When you join the chat games, you will have the chance to win many prizes. This is the best place to socialize with your co-players. Aside from being able to enjoy a lot of free chat games and winning prizes, you can find new friends when you regularly participate in the games provided by the site.

90 Ball Bingo

This game will always be present in any UK online bingo site because this is the most played game by UK players. This game is different from the previously mentioned 75 Ball Bingo in terms of rules and manner of winning. Even the bingo game card for each game is different in layout. The 90 Ball Bingo games offered at Hollywood have corresponding progressive jackpot prizes that will give you the chance to win lots of cash.

You can always find something new at Hollywood Bingo. You just need to be wise enough in playing the games you love to play and make your funds grow exponentially. When you master playing online bingo games, you can even make that hobby become your career. There’s really nothing impossible as long as you know what you are doing. If you just apply the right strategy, you could win each time you play.