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Australian bingo

Browsing through bingo news is not just helpful to the ones who already come with background on virtual bingo games, but also to those interested players who still don’t had a clue about virtual bingo games. Players need to remember that the more knowledge they have acquired regarding virtual bingo websites, the better players they’ll end up becoming. This is because they can easily apply some brand new techniques when it comes to playing the game, by learning them from the newest trends.

Bingo is a highly popular game in Australia. Australians are always finding the best sites where they can enjoy bingo, and read the latest bingo news. By browsing through several bingo websites, they can inform themselves about the newest bingo activities.

Latest Australian Bingo News This Month

Vista Gaming, together with its virtual bingo brands such as CyberBingo, BingoSKY, and Bingo Fest, have thrown in a couple of bingo news and festive promos for their clients all December long, leading up to the holiday season.

The latest bingo news has stated that in case the player has acquired a bad case of the winter blues, Vista’s $1000 Penguins Reverse Full House game is the solution for this dilemma. This is Vista’s 90-bingo special scheduled for this month, which is held on Saturdays starting from December 5 2015 every 6PM ET. Cards are priced at 50 cents, and can be purchased inside the Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 Room. And to make this an even sweeter deal, there’s also a BOGOF ticket special, where players can get eight tickets and receive four more, for absolutely free. There’s also $1000 to be won in this contest, starting off with a prize of $100 that’s sure to increase with around $1K as each number gets announced.

One more piece of info is that Vista also has a Christmas Giveway held every December. This lets people enjoy the holiday season, right up until Christmas. These players can also be one of the few lucky ones to grab a great gift once they join the Christmas Giveaway. Players can join in for free, and they can win one of five amazing gifts. If these players want to participate, they can just type in a code found at the bonus part of their account, and click on ‘Redeem’ afterwards, in order to include themselves inside the prize draw. Players can also redeem the code before 12AM ET by December 31, 2015. Remember that this promo is only available for depositors and they will get one entry with each account.

Finally, players can do a countdown to Christmas with Vista’s Advent Calendar. This includes a couple of hidden goodies up for grabs, such as deposit and no deposit bonus codes for everyone. According to the latest bingo news, these deposit codes cannot be redeemed or traded for cash, and are only suited for entertainment purposes. So players can’t take back their wins from these bonuses.

CyberBingo is an Australian Website which isn’t far behind from the rest when it comes to handing out some really nice offers. According to bingo news, there are plenty of methods where the players can score tons of cash on the website, right after they sign up.