All your favorite games are at House of Bingo this month

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House of Bingo is an online gaming portal that partnered with Cozy Games Management Ltd. and was established in the year 2005. The site has an excellent plethora of games for gamers of all levels. You can choose from a variety of games and play with real or free cash.

The company is licensed, with its service provider located in Douglas, Isle of Man. It majorly focuses on security and fair play for all. Live Bingo network handles the games, jackpots and promotions. In case of any query, you can get in touch with the customer care team through email or live chat, 24*7. They also have a toll-free number for players from certain countries.

Here are a few games you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on at House of Bingo:

    • Go Bananas

-It is a scratch money multiplier game where you can win up to 100 times the bet amount. To qualify for this, you have to specify a bet amount from among 25p, 50p, 1 pound and 2 pounds. Press the plus sign to increase the amount and the minus sign to decrease it.. Click the buy Card button once you select the amount. If you are able to get a combination of 3 same symbols, you become the winner. Consequently, your account balance gets credited automatically by House of Bingo.

    • Lucky Fish

-Lucky Fish is another interesting scratch card game played by hundreds of players every day at House of Bingo. If you are lucky enough, you can bag the mammoth jackpot. Once you specify your betting amount, you get a random combination of numbers from the system. You are free to choose your own numbers.

Some highlights of Lukcy Fish are as follows:

      • You need to press the Scratch all button.
      • If you get the 3 fishes combination, you get a hundred fold or a 50 fold of the betting amount.
      • A star fish combination gives you 5 times the invested amount.
      • A conch gives you 20 times the deposit while a sea horse multiplies your amount by 10 times.
      • An oyster combination gives you 2 times the amount you bet on.
      • The minimum that you get on winning is at least twice the bet amount.
      • The winning boxes are green in color.
      • Double up your joy when you see the amount being credited by the system.
    • Luck 7

-House of Bingo also has the enthralling game, Luck 7 game, which is similar to many other bingo games at the site. Either you choose to scratch the cards manually or allow the system to do so automatically. If you get 3 pre-determine images, you are in for a huge bonanza of getting back 100 times the bet amount.

The amounts you can win are as follows:

      • 20 times your deposit amount on getting 3 golden flowers
      • Ten times if you get 3 hearts and spades
      • 5 times if you get 3 dice
      • Double if you get 3 horse shoes.
    • Scratch ‘N’ Wins

-In this game, you need to get a match of 3 out of 6 cards. After mentioning the bet amount at the bottom of the game boundary, click the buy cards button. The winner gets the same amount or twice, 5 times, 10 times, 20 times, 50 times or 10 times of his bid amount depending on the final outcome. This is the easiest way of multiplying your wealth. House of Bingo is safe to play and the money gets credited instantly.

  • Happy Hour

-As the name suggests the symbols in this game at House of Bingo are related to food and drink. Other instructions remain the same. You can expect a long term payback of 94.55%.

On getting 3 matching glasses with lemons, you get twice the invested amount.

On achieving the following patterns, your wealth goes up correspondingly:

  • The food plate gets you 5 times,
  • The beer glass – 10 times
  • The whisky glass – 20 times
  • The cocktail glass – 50 times.

Your bingo moment would be when you get the wine glass. That’s you jackpot of 100 times your bid.

This is your golden chance to mint loads of money without much effort. Go and explore the chances of flooding your bank account with notes by winning some simple and easy games at House of Bingo.