Acorn Sign Graphics, Richmond (USA)

Acorn Sign Graphics, Richmond (USA)

Acorn Sign Graphics (ASG) is on the forefront of the design and production of green friendly architectural signs and graphics. It designs and fabricates custom architectural signage for clients worldwide out of their headquarters in Richmond, the capital of Virginia.

ASG has developed a specialty serving environmentally focused organisations and businesses who strive to be congruent in all they do, including their signage. Its eco-friendly signage packages make it easier for owners, designers and architects to choose sustainable options.

Acorn Sign Graphics is committed to the green building movement, and provides signage for LEED building projects across the country. It has designed the US Green Building Council’s LEED credit iconography and it features as the case study for the International Sign Association’s educational video.

Annually more than 75% of management is evaluated in writing with regard to corporate environmental targets. Furthermore ASG employees are represented on the board of directors.

ASG prefers to work with local and sustainable suppliers and has a written local purchasing policy in place. The majority of revenues are being generated from local clients.

ASG has an office-wide recycling program for paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal. It uses non-toxic cleaning products and unbleached paper, recycled office supplies, reclaimed office furniture, and reusable catering supplies. Also it has implemented written policies to reduce corporate travel, and energy efficiency and waste reduction programs with the facilities landlord.

Acorn Sign Graphics is a certified Bcorp and was honoured as one of the 2014 Best for the World Bcorps for Environment Impact.

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