Ainsley’s Pharmacy, Wilmington (USA)

Ainsley’s Pharmacy, Wilmington (USA)

Ainsley’s Pharmacy is the first retail pharmacy in the world open to the public to be certified as a Bcorp. It was established in 2012 after founder Ainsley had left a large pharmacy chain to do things differently.

The mission of the pharmacy is to serve every client with an individual and custom approach. In addition, Ainsley and his team play an active role in their community.

The pharmacy is located in Wilmington, just south of Philadelphia. In late 2014, Wilmington headlined in a Newsweek article. Crime, caused by drug trafficking, high drop-out rates, poverty, racism, and tension between the black community and the white police, is at a record-high and devastates parts of the town.

Ainsley, his wife Rachel and their employee Aaron see it as their responsibility to stand up against the violence and the problems it causes. Parents can sign up their children between 2-10 years to the pharmacy’s free vitamines programme. People with Medicaid get discounted rates. The team goes out to community events to educate about health matters. And when handing out healthcare products, the pharmacy adds flyers about drug abuse and addiction.

In addition to being a healthcare provider, Ainsley’s Pharmacy works towards peace and prosperity in the community.

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