Aprendamos, Guayaquil (ECU)

Aprendamos, Guayaquil (ECU)

Aprendamos (in Spanish: Let’s learn) is a series of educational television courses provided by Ecuador’s largest city Guayaquil. The series aims to improve the quality of life and to service those people in society who lack the resources to go to (primary) school. It covers a range of social and educational topics, such as health, learning English, and how to set up a business.

A typical Aprendamos course takes about 10 weeks and consists of 20 classes of 30 minutes of television and a text book. Also the municipality of Guayaquil offers the additional assistance of 2 tutors.

All for free.

The courses are produced by film production company Fraschini&Heller, founded by Argentineans Lucio and Fernando. On the picture, you see Lucio and head of production Angela – from Ecuador.

Aprendamos has around 1,2 million users and has been running for 12 consecutive years, covering 18 courses so far. Apart from the weekly episodes on public television, the courses are broadcasted via YouTube and iTunes University. Every course, approximately 40,000 text books are being printed and handed out.

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