Asociación Orgánica, Chocontá (COL)

Asociación Orgánica, Chocontá (COL)

The Asociación Orgánica is an association of 8 fincas: farm houses in and around the mountain village of Chocontá. The farmers of the association practice small-scale and organic agriculture at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level in the Andes, about 60 kilometers outside Bogotá.

The Asociación Orgánica collaborates closely with the Colombian restaurant chain Crepes y Waffles, that is aiming to substitute the products they sell in their restaurants by organic produce. To optimise the collaboration with the association, Crepes y Waffles hired Núcleo Ambiental and Points Design, to make use of their specific agronomical knowledge of small-scale agriculture in the wet mountain region of Chocontá.

Both companies help in identifying the current issues of the farmers and in finding a custom-made solution for all of them. Currently the farmers only cultivate lettuce, but the association is aiming to start cultivating more crops, such as strawberries and blueberries.

Many farmers in the region had stopped using traditional small-scale agriculture practices because of low market prices due to unfair competition by industrial companies. As Crepes y Waffles – which is the largest restaurant chain in Colombia – is paying the farmers a fair price and guarantees them a stable income, many farmers in the region start becoming enthusiastic again.


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