Building a new place called home: Casi Casa

Building a new place called home: Casi Casa

Peter and Janneke have been in Peru since 2004, setting up ventures together.

Their first project together was setting up vegetarian restaurant Otra Cosa in the coastal town of Huanchaco, just outside Trujillo in Peru.

Back in those days, Otra Cosa was the first of its kind. As Peter told me: “Some people save to go on a world trip, but we decided to give it a shot here”. Eventually the restaurant was sold in 2008. The profits were invested in their next venture.

In 2014, Janneke en Peter bought a piece of land in Huanchaco. On this piece of land, they are building their own house, while experimenting with ecological building techniques: Casi Casa. Both Peter and Janneke have backgrounds in other fields than construction and/or engineering. They have never before built a house or anything that comes close to it. Both have been sharing the dream of building your own house since years though.

The house will have round walls, which are more secure in case of earth quakes. Most materials that are used, are recycled. The mud of the outside walls consists of a cactus extract that remains solid even in case of rain.

After the house is finished, Peter and Janneke will start living there, and also rent out a part to Fairmail. Their intent is not to rush it though. As Peter puts it – with a twinkling smile: it’s not about the destination but about the road to get there.

  • Janneke
    Posted at 14:05h, 06 May Reply

    Nice photos Max! You made the first photo of Casi Casa with Peter and me together on it 🙂
    Thanks for visiting us and safe travels!!!

    • max
      Posted at 18:58h, 08 May Reply

      That’s great!
      Many thanks for having me over, and good luck with your ventures!!
      Un abrazo!

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