Cafe Campesino, Americus (USA)

Cafe Campesino, Americus (USA)

Cafe Campesino was established after a trip of its founder Bill to Guatemala, in the late 90s. In Guatemala, when talking to local coffee farmers, Bill learned that despite of giving their best, these farmers were making low turnover and profits.

Determined to change this situation, Bill decided to buy 100,000 USD worth of green coffee beans after returning to his homestate Georgia. Cafe Campesino was born.

Cafe Campesino seeks to successfully roast and commercialise fair trade, organic, specialty-grade coffee and offer related products that reinforce the ability of local coffee farmers to deliver the fair trade message.

After a couple of years in business, to increase the purchasing power of US-based coffee roasters, Bill founded a coffee cooperative called Coop Coffees. Cafe Campesino is 1 of the currently 23 coop members and started buying its beans through the coop.

Cafe Campesino (and Coop Coffees) currently works with 13 small farmer organisations in 9 distinct, coffee producing countries. Its trading partners are farmer cooperatives: local organisations founded and democratically governed by the farmers themselves.

Cafe Campesino maintains direct relations with the farmers they buy from and visits all farms at least once a year.

The coffee bar of Cafe Campesino is located in an industrial warehouse in Americus, Georgia, and counts with its own roaster and a packaging department.

Cafe Campesino is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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