Coop Coffees, Americus (USA)

Coop Coffees, Americus (USA)

Coop Coffees’ story began in 1997, when its founder Bill decided to start up a coffee company that would import and roast fairly traded coffee beans from Central America: Cafe Campesino.

Not long after importing the first 40,000 pounds of coffee, Bill set out to look for value-driven roasters interested in investing in a collective coffee importing venture. In 1999, seven roasters formed Cooperative Coffees.

Coop Coffees represents 23 coffee roasting members located throughout the US and Canada. The mission of Coop Coffees is to make the buying chain transparent, in order to prevent coffee from becoming a commodity that only competes on price. Industrial companies make use of various middlemen throughout the buying chain. This makes it impossible for roasters to know who the actual farmer of their beans is.

As a coop, Coop Coffees maintains direct relations with, and buys directly from farmer cooperatives in coffee producing countries. These farmer cooperatives consist of small-scale farmers (2-12 acres). Coop Coffees facilitates direct relations between the roasters and the farmers.

To increase transparency even more, all orders and invoices of the coop partners are uploaded onto

Coop Coffees is the only coop model for collective coffee buying in the US, and orders around 100 containers of coffee per year, totalling approximately 4 million pounds (=1,8 million kilos)

Coop Coffees is on Facebook, and Instagram.


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