Miles Ahead –> the book

Miles Ahead –> the book

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MILES AHEAD TOWARDS A BETTER WORLD: a 16,468 kilometre-long odyssey visiting businesses that are working towards a better world.

Miles Ahead places entrepreneurs in the spotlight who tackle social problems, while still making a living. A better world is neither a political issue nor a bottomless pit for (government) subsidies. In my book, I aim to show that if we put our minds to it, we can all help bring about a better world.

Miles Ahead tells the story of my 17,000 kilometre-long journey on a 40 year-old Moto Guzzi from Chile to New York, in the footsteps of Kerouac and Che Guevarra. The primary objective of this journey of self-discovery was to help reveal the human face of a continent. Along the way, I visited 32 inspiring entrepreneurs who are working towards a better world while offering a profitable and positive alternative, full of hope.

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Miles Ahead was launched during a motorcycle tour of various businesses in the Netherlands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Patagonia and BNR News radio. As well as publishing books, I am available as a speaker for educational institutions and at corporate events. My lectures are given in Dutch, Spanish and English. I seek to inspire entrepreneurs with untold stories from on the road.

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