Epicentro, Medellín (COL)

Epicentro, Medellín (COL)

Co-working space Epicentro in Medellín’s fancy El Poblado area, was founded about 2,5 years ago by Mateo, a product designer.

After graduating, Mateo started working as an independent professional. Luckily enough, business went well, but before long, Mateo found himself loosing contact with the world around him, since he worked from home on his own all day, every day.

In order to change this situation, Mateo started investigating the possibilities to share office space with others. By the same time, the city of Medellín started to invest heavily in innovation. It even was awarded by the Wall Street Journal as the world’s most innovative city of the year 2013.

So timing was right, and soon Epicentro was set up as a co-working space for artists and designers, run by Mateo and his right hand Maria José. Until today, its focus remains design, art, and research. It hosts entrepreneurs and artists from all different industries: from product designers to yoga teachers. Also it hosts a wide array of cultural events, ranging from film, to workshops about disruptive innovation.

At the moment, the team is looking into the possibilities to start renting out studios for designers and artists of all kinds. Next to the current office space, these studios would add a new dimension to Epicentro.

Epicentro is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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