HubBOG, Bogotá (COL)

HubBOG, Bogotá (COL)

Based in Bogotá, HubBOG is the first so-called Latin American “Campus For Startups” that integrates acceleration, academics, co-working and investment in one single concept. Its main mission by doing so, is to stimulate IT start-ups.

It was founded about 6 years ago by local entrepreneurs to evolve the city’s startup ecosystem.

HubBOG offers a broad range of courses, workshops, keynote presentations, events, and conferences by national as well as international experts. In addition, every Friday a total of around 40 invitees gather at HubBOG for the weekly networking lunch. Many Colombian start-ups have their offices at HubBOG, where they meet other entrepreneurs and exchange ideas about how to grow their business.

HubBOG’s founder Rene featured on CNN, presenting about Colombia as the Latin American equivalent of Silicon Valley.

Also HubBOG featured on TheNextWeb and Mashable.

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