Hybrytec, Itagüí (COL)

Hybrytec, Itagüí (COL)

Colombian Hybrytec designs, sells and installs photovoltaic and thermic solar energy solutions. Its mission is to facilitate access to solar energy to all levels of society.

Hybrytec is part of Swiss investment fund Grupo Ecos, whose portfolio companies have generated more than 100 megawatt of solar energy in Latin America. Hybrytec itself has carried out about 140 projects, with a total of over 2,200 kilowatt installed until 2014.

Hybrytec focusses on 3 sectors. The private sector includes industry, hotels, and supermarkets, such as the roof of the Exito supermarket in the city of Barranquilla, with over 2,000 panels installed. These panels cover almost 25% of the supermarket’s daily energy consumption. This is the equivalent of 230 tons of CO2 per year.

The second sector includes social impact projects. More than 55% of Colombia’s territory is off-grid and Hybrytec’s mission is to get these people electricity as well.

Finally, Hybrytec carries out agricultural projects in farmer communities via a network of over 100 distributors.

The Colombian national government invests heavily in solar energy and is about to pass a new law to stimulate the production of solar energy even more. Good news for Hybrytec.

Hybrytec is a certified Bcorp since 2012.

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