La 25 Export, Medellín (COL)

La 25 Export, Medellín (COL)

The mission of La 25 Export is to change the lives of young talented football players from Urabá, the most western part of the Antioquia department in Colombia. It was founded only two football seasons ago in Antioquia’s capital city Medellín.

Urabá represents only 1% of the total Colombian population. Moreover, the region is torn apart by social problems, caused by drug trafficking. Nevertheless, a stunning 10% of Colombia’s athletes competing at the highest levels, is from Urabá.

La 25 Export not only looks for the 25 youngsters per season with the best skills, but also for those who come from stable homes and have the mental attitude to succeed in the 4-year programme. Therefore they make use of local football trainers and a team of psychologists.

The La 25 Export programme consists of 3 pillars. Firstly, the boys (of 15-17 years old) have daily football training sessions to become better athletes. Secondly, they go to school. Those who run behind schedule, have extra classes to get them up-to-speed.

Although La 25 Export aims on guiding the boys towards a career in a foreign football league (hence “Export”), it is aware that not all the boys will be the next James Rodriguez. Therefore the third pillar is to broaden the boys’ minds by introducing all kinds of activities, not related to football: yoga, chess, and ultimate frisbee.

The majority of the boys lives together in a huge house in Medellín. This is where they sleep, eat, and where the non-football activities take place.

La 25 Export has partnerships with SENA. Also it collaborates with Deportivo Independiente Medellín, one of the city’s 2 biggest football clubs. It is accredited by FIFA, and is also a certified Bcorp.

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