La Eco Casita

María José and her sister María Emilia are both primary school teachers in the city of Tucumán, Argentina. 

Originally they come from the province of Corrientes, in the east of Argentina, close to the border with Brasil.

In their home province of Corrientes, they set up the project of the “Eco Casita”: the construction of a house made out of plastic bottles. The project was carried out at the primary school where they were teaching at that moment. The objective was to raise awareness among young kids about the environment and about recycling.

Within a period of only a week, a stunning total of 6000 plastic bottles was gathered.

After the house was finished, it was used (and still is) as a house for young children to play in at primary school.

María José and María Emilia are setting up a similar project now in Tucumán. 

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