L.O.O.P., Lima (PER)

L.O.O.P., Lima (PER)

L.O.O.P. stands for Life Out Of Plastic. It was founded by Irene and Nadia in Lima, with the idea of raising awareness around the pollution by any kind of plastic. Through the sales of products made out of recycled materials (mostly rPET fibers, which are used in plastic bottles), L.O.O.P. finances awareness campaigns in Peru.

L.O.O.P. aims on generating demand for recycled products among consumers, and private companies (corporate merchandise). It dreams of becoming an established brand of alternative and responsible products, with a positive impact on the huge consumption rate of plastics in Peru and Latin America.

Up to date, L.O.O.P. has:
Recycled 1,3 million plastic bottles;
Collected 92,000 kg. of plastic waste on Peru’s beaches; and,
Invested over 400 hours in educational keynotes.

L.O.O.P has almost 19,000 followers on Facebook, and over 1,000 followers on Twitter.

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