Moog Music, Asheville (USA)

Moog Music, Asheville (USA)

Moog Music was founded in the 50s in upstate New York by the late Bob Moog (“Moowg”). Moog Music manufactures, assembles, and tunes top-notch keyboards and synthesisers. All out of their only factory in Asheville, North Carolina, where Bob Moog moved the company to in the 70s.

Bob Moog started engineering in his early teens. One of his first works was a redesign of the first electronic music instrument ever: the “Telharmonium” by Russian inventor Leon Theremin, one of Bob Moog’s biggest heroes and inspirators. In the early 60s, Bob Moog invented the voltage controlled synthesizer.

Moog Music’s main focus is building analog synthesizers and effect pedals. The collection includes custom-built modular synthesisers, assembled by hand just like the original pieces from the 70s; the Minimoog, which is the world’s first portable synthesizer to be used in live performance and recordings; and Minifoogers for endless analog effects. Ever since the company’s early days, big artists such as Stevie Wonder and the Beatles have been using Moog products.

One of Bob Moog’s final wishes was that Moog Music would become an employee-owned business. Employees currently own 49% of the company shares, with the other 51% to be transferred in the next 5-10 years. This way, the company brains are much more likely to stay on board. Also, the company will continue to be located in Asheville. Even more since it acquired the whole block around the factory.

Moog Music does not keep any products in stock. All assembling is being done upon request. Current clients include Kanye West, Ozzy Osbourne, and Stevie Wonder.

Moog Music is on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

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