Pacifista, Bogotá (COL)

Pacifista, Bogotá (COL)

Pacifista was set up by VICE in early 2015 as a Manifesto for Peace in Colombia.

Over the past decades, Colombia has been torn apart by armed conflict between guerrillas (FARC), the military, private armed militias, paramilitaries, and druglords.

Therefore, the last 4 generations of Colombians have not lived in a country in peace. Many people have been killed. Many (family members of) wealthier Colombians have been kidnapped. The country counts a stunning 5,3 million internal refugees – desplazados. This is the second largest amount world-wide – only after Syria.

The wounds of armed conflicts are still fresh. Therefore many Colombians prefer not to talk about the recent past. Pacifista’s mission however is to confront young Colombians with the complete story of  war and peace, including all points of view, with no restrictions, and in an audacious way.

It goes to festivals, libraries, and schools, as it believes that building up a new Colombia, a Colombia in peace, lies in the hands of the young generation. (The oldest of the 4 Pacifista team members is 35 years old.) It goes into the jungle, and into the shantytowns, in search of stories and peace builders. On its website, it shares interviews, photos, videos, and an ABC with relevant terminology.

In order to make the transition to peace, Pacifista believes that Colombia needs to reform its agricultural policy, to redevelop its policy towards cocaine plantations, restore the many victims, and organise a country in which politics and the use of arms are not inter-related.

Pacifista is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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