Picking a new place called home

Picking a new place called home

Dutch – Venezuelan couple Tess and Antonio went through quite a decision process before finally deciding to settle (for now) in Lima, Peru.

Tess and Antonio met each other in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After both having lived there for a couple of years, they decided that the time had come to go out there, and to live in various cities throughout Latin America to find a “new place called home”.

So they made a short-list of 5 cities in which they wanted to live in for about 4-8 weeks: Florianópolis and Salvador de Bahía in Brasil, Medellín and Bogotá in Colombia, and Lima in Peru.

They both were, and still are, curious to get to know new places and local people. Both are food fanatics. And both were determined to do everything possible to experience what living is like in local neighbourhoods in the 5 selected cities.

And that’s exactly what they did.

In the end they picked Lima, where they have been living now for almost 2 years.

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