Puriy, Lima (PER)

Puriy, Lima (PER)

Away from the flashy seaside neighbourhoods, in the chapel of a local church in Villa El Salvador in Lima, local business Puriy teaches women the art of sewing baby shoes out of leather.

Puriy was set up just months ago, out of Lima-based NGO Padma, that helps abandoned children and women that are victims of any kind of abuse.

Puriy means “making progress” in Quechua, one of the indigenous languages of the ancient inhabitants of Peru. Puriy’s women are all determined to overcome the difficulties they face.

Through Puriy, the women earn themselves an income. In addition they learn how to appreciate the fruits of their own efforts. Every day they come to the chapel for a couple of hours to work in peace. Apart from the income, the work is a stress-free moment during the day, that furthermore mostly consists of violence, drug abuse, gang violence, and teenage pregnancies.

Puriy shoes are sold all over the world. Not only the women earn themselves an income. Part of the income goes to Padma, as it is looking for alternative ways to fund its persistence.

Check out the cool baby shoes of Puriy on Facebook.

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