Seaside, Florida (USA)

Seaside, Florida (USA)

The coastal community Seaside, at the Emerald Coast in Florida’s Panhandle, was founded in the early 80s by Robert Davis as a place so easy to get around, sneakers would be a primary mode of transportation and no destination more than a five minute stroll away.

A place where “congestion” would be just a cluster of kids riding bikes, ample space for neighbours to gather to talk, play and enjoy time together. Harmonious cottage styles, each with its own colourful character.

Nowadays this is called New Urbanism: an urban design movement which promotes walkable neighbourhoods containing a range of housing and job types. New Urbanism is strongly influenced by urban design practices that were prominent until the rise of the automobile prior to World War II.

Seaside has become a popular tourist destination. Also people – such as urban planners and architects – come from all over the world to study the principals Seaside has come to embody.

With Seaside becoming more popular, prices also have risen considerably. Lots in Seaside sell for more than a million dollars, and some houses top 5 million USD.

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