Social Atom Group, Medellín (COL)

Social Atom Group, Medellín (COL)

While living in the US and founding Grooveshark, Colombian Andrés kept hearing the same excuses why not to invest in Latin America in general, and more specifically in Latin American companies.

Fed up with this, he decided to start doing, and to show Latin America’s abundance of talent and capital. And so he founded a series of companies:

PulsoSocial: a media company that counts with an online media publication and events throughout Latin America.

Onswipe: enables publishers to optimise the browsing and advertising experience to their readers on tablet and touch devices.

Coderise: empowers kids from 14-18 years by teaching them how to code. In a period of 8 weeks, students go from basics of programming to building a product that solves for a problem of their own.

Andrés and I met in Medellín-based Atom House: a co-working space for entrepreneurs, hackers and innovators.

His current venture is Socialatom Ventures, a seed capital firm, that not only invests in promising tech companies, but also actively helps with recruiting, development, and marketing.

Andrés is a frequent speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and developing nations and has participated in Conferences throughout Latin America and the US. Also he has earned recognition of BusinessWeek, MIT, and Inc Magazine.

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