StarsCamp, Lima (PER)

StarsCamp, Lima (PER)

StarsCamp was founded a little less than 2 years ago by Rosario, Ana Luisa, and Liliana, in Lima’s Lince district. StarsCamp is a community of innovative entrepreneurs who share a philosophy of collaboration to develop exciting new and sustainable businesses.

All 3 of its founders have a corporate background and are aiming to revolutionise the Peruvian incubator and start-up scene.

StarsCamp’s regular inhabitants form a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs from different industries: technology, consulting, marketing, digital strategy, and IT development. At StarsCamp, they mingle, share information and experiences, and collaborate.

To protect the variety and the start-up vibe, companies that grow bigger, move out to other offices. The ties with StarsCamp however remain. Many former inhabitants of StarsCamp are now a mentor in 1 of the on-going incubator programmes.

To create even more synergies than solely among its regular crowd, and  also to strengthen the existing business eco system, StarsCamp has alliances with foundations, other companies, schools, NGO’s and government institutions.

StarsCamp is an incubator, a co-working space and an entrepreneurial breeding place all in one. Check out more about this fascinating mix on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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