Tobacco woman in Jujuy

Ivana is the owner of Waktana, a tobacco and gift shop in San Salvador de Jujuy, the capital city of Argentina’s Jujuy province.

Before setting up her own business in late 2014, Ivana worked at a large tobacco store in Córdoba, in the centre of Argentina. During her time in Córdoba she followed many courses to get to know every single detail about the production and the consumption of tobacco. Because of this, she can be considered a “tobacco sommelier”.

Waktana is pretty much the only tobacco store around. Many people travel for quite a bit to buy cigars (including Cuban Habanos like Montecristo), flavoured cigarettes or smoking accessoires at Waktana. Many are surprised by the fact that Waktana is run by a woman that knows so much about tobacco. Although Ivana tries out everything she sells, she herself does not smoke.

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