X-runner, Lima (PER)

X-runner, Lima (PER)

Lima-based X-runner brings reliable, safe, and sustainable sanitation to low-income urban households that do not have a toilet. By doing so, it creates cleaner, healthier habitats.

Unsafe sanitation leads to the spreading of various diseases. Diarrhoea is the 2nd deadliest disease in the world: it kills more people than Malaria, HIV/Aids and TBC combined.

2.5 billion people worldwide lack access to safe sanitation.
1 billion people worldwide live in urban slums and lack access to reliable sanitation systems.
2 million of them live in Lima.
Lima is the 2nd driest capital in the world. A conventional water based sewerage system cannot reach all of its population.

X-runner’s dry toilet separates urine and feces. For a monthly fee, X-runner’s collection service goes by the communities and picks up the feces. It transports the waste to its local composting plant for processing. Composting allows for a safe treatment of the feces. Within two months, pathogens are removed and the compost is turned into nutrient-rich soil.

X-runner was recently voted 1 of B Corps Best FOR the World 2015.

Its CEO, Isabel Medem is 1 of the winners of the MIT Technology Review Prize 2014.

Have a look at X-runner’s video and check out its page on Facebook.

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